Friday, September 30, 2011

PTC (paid to click) :

 P.T.C :The thing am going to explain you is how you can make money online without investment,here is the process.
PTC sites nothing but(paid to click), these are the sites i had mentioned earlier which are going to pay you for just clicking and watching the advertisements,which are showned by them for just 15-30 seconds per each add,they will show you nearly 10-20 advertisements per day for this you have to spend for only just 5-10 minutes in each site,..and it also depends upon your interest and time management.
don't get shocked...,why these sites are paying you for just clicking and watching the sites....? because,several sponsors around the world wants to advertise their products or services online on internet or they just need traffic (traffic means the visitors who are going to visit their sites ) to their sites,so they simply pay money to these PTC sites and we as a members of these PTC sites view the sponsors websites or products by clicking on the advertisements which are showned by these PTC sites which were given by some advertisers to increase their traffic with the help of us, so these PTC sites will pay money for us by the means of e-currency to the  ALERTPAY accounts, for watching the advertisements which was given by them. another most important thing is that, you will be giving a referral link address for joining into these sites,with the help of this 
referral link address you can also introduce another member  to the sites which you were already joined,by this also you can earn more know more information about referral link you can 
click here->Referral link
There are some PTC sites mentioned here, click there to register in to the PTC sites:
    Click here to join-->> 1.<< PTC SITE 1 >>
                                    2.<<PTC SITE 2 >>
                                    3.<<PTC SITE 3 >>
                                    4.<<PTC SITE 4 >>
                                    5.<<PTC SITE 5 >>
                                    6.<<PTC SITE 6 >>

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