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REFERRALS :  you had already known about,(P.T.C) PAID TO CLICK , PAID TO REVIEW AND PAID TO SURVEY and etc,.. sites, which are the sources for gaining the income,you will be paid from them  by doing their jobs,and another important thing  that you have to remember is,referral link .it is nothing but the address for the registration page of the p.t.c and etc,..sites which you had already joined,you can ask me what is the use of this address,..yes this is very useful in increasing your income from the respective paid to click(p.t.c),paid to survey sites because,the referral link address will be unique to each users who are registered to their sites, with the help of this referral link you are going to invite other members to join in to the respective sites,.if you are going to join the more number of users to the sites you will be paying more money,..this referral addres consists of the site name and some code,..which represents that you are the person who invited another person to join in to their this they just identify you and pay you for inviting other users to them.

this referral address will be look like this:

  • suppose if your user name is rahul then it will be look like this: 
  • OR it may be mixed up with some numbers: 
U can paste this referral link address or share this address with your friends,and invite them to join in the respective sites such as p.t.c and many more sites (which i had given the information already to know about this sites:to know click HERE),by explaining them that how these sites are going to help them in increasing their income,or u can also refer them to our site make money online without the number of persons u will be introducing to the sites,the more money will be getting you.for example in the p.t.c sites,when the members whom you are   introduced to the p.t.c sites clicked the advertisements in their respective account,their will be  a commission for you,for each clicking adds by the members whom you had this way you can get money for simply joining the members also.and now a days most of the sites offering these referral link addresses to the already joined users,for the purpose of increasing their site visitors,to be frank am also joining  all of you by the referral code itself.

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